Building Consumer Engagement

Package Design Magazine reached out to key players in the design, packaging and branding industries to gain insight into the role of social media and packaging in the overall success of a brand. The article also references the significant social media success of a brand we at Chase hold dear, Better Together Brownies and Chase Design Group President Chris Lowery lent his expertise in brand planning and strategy to the discussion:

“From the standpoint of brands succeeding in social media, packaging can be a huge factor,” says Chris Lowery, Chase Design Group’s president and chief strategist. “Facebook and Twitter thrive on likes and re-tweets, so the more compelling the image the better. If it’s a package that’s being shared then you want to be certain it represents your brand in a very unique and attractive manner.”

Check out the case studies for Swiffer and Califia, and see the full article here on Package Design Magazine.

July 20, 2016
Chris Lowery

chief strategist