Chase Design Group Answers Question: ‘Can Your Eyes Make Your Nose Happy?’

Reinvigorating Gain’s brand packaging last year was a welcomed undertaking for our team at Chase. Gain as a brand has a 27 year legacy of infusing clothing with fresh scents that convert first time consumers to loyal brand ambassadors. Gain’s scent variants are what consumers love most about the brand and its product lineup but its previous packaging simply didn’t convey awesome scent. Through our redesign, we aimed to re-energize consumer interest in the brand’s detergent, fabric softener and Gain Flings! packaging while employing a unique design approach to highlight the fresh scent inside. Packaging World Magazine invited our company President, Chris Lowery, to share a bit about our process.

Procter & Gamble’s Gain Laundry Detergent is a billion-dollar brand, largely built on its consumers’ love for the product’s fresh scents- Lavender, Ocean Breeze, Island Escape and Apple Mango Tango, among them. But in 2015, the brand wasn’t dressing the part. That’s according to Chris [Lowery], President of Chase Design Group, which was chosen to refresh the brand packaging. “At the time the laundry category focused on cleaning efficacy, and the Gain packaging fit that mold,” says [Lowery]. “Unlike many laundry shoppers, Gain consumers love scent, but at the time, the packaging didn’t clearly communicate the great scent inside.”

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June 20, 2016
Chris Lowery

chief strategist