Doodling As Creative Meditation

Last Christmas, we gifted Chase-designed notebooks to our clients. GDUSA Magazine heard about it and invited our Founder/Executive Creative Director, Margo Chase, to discuss what doodling means to her and the importance of doodling in the creative process: doodling as ‘creative meditation’ and a conduit for new, innovative, unique ideas. In her article she explores some of the research on doodling that highlights just how productive it actually is.

Lurking in the margins of notebooks, on envelopes, napkins and scraps of paper the world over, lies evidence of active minds at work. Whether on the phone, sitting through a tedious board meeting or brainstorming their next big creative idea, doodling is a quiet, and often unconscious, habit for many. Commonly, however, its validity as a productive activity is called into question. Kids in schools are reprimanded for ‘idly scribbling’ in class, executives are deemed rude for doodling during client meetings, even Former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, was chastised by The Telegraph for being “caught in the act” during a United Nations Security Council meeting. At Chase, we are of a different mindset. We believe that doodling is often the first step to a great idea.




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