Lost in the (Virtual) Supermarket

The way we shop has changed drastically with more people favoring the convenience of shopping online over the in-store shopping experience. But is the online shopping world keeping up with the changes? Are online retailers and brands adapting to the quiet demand for enhanced product representation online? Chase Design Group President, Chris Lowery, takes a closer look into the ever-advancing world of online shopping and its implications on package design in this MediaPost article:

As the pace of life continues to accelerate, people are looking for simpler ways to tackle their to-do lists. Online shopping caters directly to this growing consumer desire for convenience and speed, in some cases completely eliminating the need for in-store shopping. This change from a physical to a virtual shopping experience is strikingly similar to the evolution from the iconic vinyl albums of yesteryear, to today’s music download and streaming.

But unlike today’s music, which can be delivered digitally, most consumer products available for online sales are still physical. This may explain why brands and online retailers like Amazon are not adapting quickly to an enhanced digital presentation of their products, nor are they capitalizing on potential approaches to product packaging to create stronger online engagement.

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