What Happened When Kind Had to Throw Out the Wrapping That Made Its Snack Bars Famous

If you’ve been to a deli, stood on a grocery checkout line, bought a coffee at Starbucks or visited the snack bar on an Amtrak train, chances are you’ve seen a Kind bar for sale—and we mean really seen one. The ubiquitous, all-natural fruit and nut bar is known for its crystal-clear wrapper that puts all the almonds, pecans, raspberries and apricots in full view. The brand defines itself as using “ingredients you can see.” In a literal sense, Kind bars sell themselves.

The unenviable task of maintaining the identity of a brand known for clear packaging that suddenly had to use an opaque, aluminum-lined wrapper fell to Chase.

“We gave them a tough challenge,” said Kind’s senior marketing director Jon Lesser. “The packaging had to celebrate the quality and simplicity of the ingredients without people having the ability to see what’s inside the wrapper.”

Then Chase struck on the idea of using the colors of fruit juices (fruit was, after all, a principal component of the bars) to differentiate the varieties of the bars and to suggest freshness and natural ingredients.

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