Our culture is essential to the work we produce. Our beliefs, our studio spaces, and of course, our team are what inspire our award-winning creative.

Our Beliefs

At the foundation of all we do is a set of beliefs that keep us focused and energized as we approach each project. These shared commitments make our collective work stronger.

Question Everything

We believe that questions can liberate great ideas from the chains of assumption. We challenge each other and our clients to embrace the "why" and the "what if." We work, everyday, to push our thinking higher and our designs farther. We listen, learn, ask and engage - offering ideas and strengthening our understanding of goals and constraints.

Working Together Works Better

We believe that the best creative happens in an environment that celebrates the open exchange of ideas. Our bi-coastal offices work together fluidly as a single entity, allowing us to leverage our best minds at key moments. We work collaboratively on every project in close partnership with our clients.


We are brand stewards for multiple global brands because our solutions create an emotional connection that transcends language and culture. In the growing global market, this human connection is crucial to the success of any brand.

Our People

The Chase team has individuals from many different cultures and backgrounds. Together, we have decades of hands-on experience in making the intangible take shape.

executive creative director

Margo Chase

chief strategist

Chris Lowery

Chief Creative Officer

Clark Goolsby

Director of Accounts | NY

Michelle Hoffmann

General Manager

John Tanner

Executive Creative Director

Paula Hansanugrum

Director of Administration | LA

Janet Levinson

Art Director | NY

Luke Woody

Senior Art Director | LA

Dave Carlino

Senior Art Director | LA

Nick Leebert

Senior Art Director | LA

Jon Arriaza

Art Director | LA

Stephanie Kuga

Senior Designer | NY

Mallory Parsons

Senior Designer | LA

Evangeline Joo

Account Director | LA

Kelly Landy

Account Director | LA

Melinda Maloof

Design Integrity Specialist | LA

Ron Guillory

Director of Operations | LA

Joshua Dillard

Sr. Production Specialist | NY

Rob Taylor

Designer | LA

Lindsey Reveche

Junior Designer | LA

Sara Saedi

Production Manager | NY

Patrick Polica

Senior Account Manager | LA

Samantha Werk

Senior Account Manager | LA

Narae Park

Senior Account Manager | NY

Colleen Drake

Art Director | LA

Annie Dodge

Production Manager | LA

Joanna Kawai

Senior Designer | NY

Meredith Morten

Production Manager | LA

Shakeh Gyurjyan

Account Coordinator | LA

Lelean Boghorian

Senior Account Manager | UK

Shannon Osment

Office Manager/Account Coordinator | NY

Kamilah Gibson

Sr. Account Manager | CHICAGO

Erin Yancey

Designer | JAKARTA

Beverly Hartono

Senior Designer | NY

Ilana Addis

Production Artist | LA

Eric Montanez

Office Assistant | LA

Chanelle Ramos

Junior Designer | LA

Megan Hansen

Designer | LA

Kevin Staves

Content Creator | NY

Killian Allgood

Our Studios

We believe that the most exciting creative happens in an environment that feeds our brains and encourages an open exchange of ideas.