Califia Farms

Have you ever met a goddess at the grocery store?


Odwalla founder Greg Steltenpohl need to create an impactful healthy beverage brand that could compete both in the natural foods channel and at major grocery and club stores. Cutting through the competitive chatter was a challenge that Chase was ready to handle.

The Solution

From brand vision to packaging and support, Chase brought Califia, the mythical goddess of California abundance, to life as the face of the brand. A graceful and iconic package shape that evoked classic fresh milk bottles completes the picture of farm to table goodness.

Citrus Juices

Califia’s citrus farms cover acres of California’s central valley. Their citrus juices are the purest and freshest possible. Chase created a look for their juices and ades that fits with the Califia Farms brand and evokes the honest nostalgia of vintage farm signage and roadside fruit stands.

Coffee Almond Milk

Following the success of Califia’s Almond Milk launch, Chase was asked to extend the line to include three flavors of coffee almond milk. The iconic bottle shape and logo position link the product lines while color and texture supports differentiation and appetite appeal.

Beyond the Bottle

Extending the Califia Farms brand into advertising, promotion, and the web required a strong brand vision and an understanding of the Califia consumer. From holiday-themed ads and greeting cards to catalog sheets for core products like Almond Milk, every communication supports the brand’s lighthearted and wholesome character. The final website is a product catalog with information about nutrition and health that also provides a place for Califia’s fans to connect and share recipes and stories.