Coffeemate Summer

What does a summer morning taste like?


Summer is like a shooting star — if we’re not careful, it flies by before we’ve given ourselves a good taste of it. So how do you help Target customers get out there and enjoy the summer with the delicious flavor of Coffeemate?


Interviews with a chosen group of influencers yielded amazing summer moments that included some creative ways to use Coffeemate. Chase Design Group took each individual’s personal summer experiences and brought them to life in fun, engaging illustrations across the entire limited edition line. Elements taken from the influencer’s lives were incorporated throughout the illustrations resulting in an exciting celebration that activates summer for Coffeemate in-store and beyond.

Influencer Collaboration

Each influencer provided inspiration for how to make the most of summer through their unique point of view – from camping in the mountains, exploring urban neighborhoods and visiting farmers’ markets, to enjoying outdoor festivals and spending your day in the water. Chase translated these stories into the design of each bottle using a clean, modern illustration style that complements Target’s design driven environment and captures the positivity and energy of the influencers.