Doodle from Coast to Coast

Is doodling the secret to success?


No matter what's on your mind or what's happening around you, doodling seems to take you away from your troubles. But is it a time waster? According to the journal ​of ​Applied Cognitive Psychology, doodling can actually aid memory by keeping your brain just alert enough to pay attention​.​

"Doodling is like creative meditation—it opens my mind up to ideas that don't occur to me normally."
-Executive Creative director Margo Chase

We love to doodle

As a gift to our clients at the end of 2015, we produced this set of colorful custom notebooks. Their covers are adorned with the artwork sourced from a year's worth of ​long conference calls, and are meant to encourage this creative drawing exercise in everyone around us. Next time you find yourself idly doodling, you can be sure you're doing something truly worthwhile.


We took our love of doodling to the next level by creating a collaborative piece made by all Chase employees across both offices. The result is a snapshot of our collective creative unconscious. Enjoy!