Can your eyes make your nose happy?


Gain laundry detergent had become a billion dollar brand based on its consumers love of it's amazing scents – but it didn't dress the part. Chase was asked to reimagine what the visual language for scent looked like for a brand that was already pleasing people once they cracked the cap.


Through a series of strategic packaging and VisID evolutions, Chase helped the Gain team move the brand expression from "blah" to "ahhhhhh." Playful and distinctive scent visualizations helped the brand stand out in the crowded laundry aisle and leverage its enhanced equity into other homecare categories. Distinctive VisID elements brought the same brand sensibilities to other communication touchpoints for the brand.


Gain's existing logo was masculine and sharp—like many of the performance-positioned category logos. Chase updated the logo to a playful, friendly letterform that was a better reflection the brand's expressive scented products.

A Sensational Duet

Scent seeking shoppers are always asking for more amazing Gain scent experiences. To answer their request, Gain created the first Scent Duet – an incredible combination of scents that's music to your nose. To support such a breakthrough scent experience, Chase created an enticing visual expression that expressed the dual sensorial nature of the product.


Supporting design consistency on a brand with many initiatives and agency partners requires creation of toolkits and guides that ensure proper usage of equity and program elements. Each guide provides usage information as well as inspirational usage examples to support partner agency.