Mr. Clean

How do you convince a woman to pick up an aging bald man?


Although he has been in our homes since 1957, Mr. Clean’s significance as a brand icon has diminished over time. Co-brands and endorsements have come to dominate his packaging and a majority of the brand’s communications. This led Chase to wonder: what happened to the “Mr.” in Mr. Clean?

The Solution

The Mr. Clean redesign is a holistic brand restage that leverages the Mr. Clean character’s unique backstory and personality to connect with consumers at all touchpoints. Chase put Mr. Clean back in the spotlight; he now delivers the product and brand story in his unique and ownable way.

Logo Evolution

The Mr. Clean redesign started with a new logo. Chase created the logotype to reflect the strength, confidence and masculinity intrinsic in the brand.

Magic Erasers

A focused, simplified package for Magic Erasers strengthens the association between Mr. Clean and his popular sub-brand. The consistent layout creates a strong brand block while the multi-color strategy promotes consumer trial of different variants.

Beyond the Shelf

All aspects of the Mr. Clean Visual Identity were leveraged for the launch of the “Legendary” advertising campaign and in-store activations. Print ads, outdoor, and in-store displays all bring the big, bold image of Mr. Clean back to the forefront.

Roll Out

A Global Solution

The Mr. Clean redesign was created with a global rollout in mind. The design system utilizes consistently recognizable assets and layouts, but provides enough flexibility to accommodate necessary regional changes.