Westfield Carlsbad

Do you wear your Manolo Blahniks to the beach?


Westfield Properties was in the early stages of reinventing a premiere retail development in Carlsbad, California. A unique community with an affluent and laidback beach lifestyle, Carlsbad needed a compelling brand vision for a destination where fine dining, luxury shopping and entertainment could find a perfect seaside balance.

The Solution

After immersing ourselves in details about the surrounding community, Chase found the core idea that would drive the Westfield Carlsbad story. A Place of Opposites was born, a concept rooted strongly in the cultured but casual lifestyle and people of Carlsbad.

Branding Elements

Chase developed a high-touch vision book that combines custom lettering and brand elements, lifestyle imagery and luxe finishes. Brand elements are designed to be applied to signage and environments as the Carlsbad development expands.