Bare Bottle

How do you taste amazing flavor before you take a sip?

Our Challenge

Barebottle’s vision is to leverage community-inspired homebrew recipes to create the most innovative brewery in the industry. The challenge for Barebottle was how to bring the brand to life and tell a unique flavor story on every bottle.

What We Did

  • Brand-Identity
  • Packaging
  • Photography
  • Apparel Design

Packaging Design

Each label stands apart with salivating photography, flavor badges with a pop of color, & a recipe that home brewers can use to make a small batch of their own. The strong logo and architecture unite the line creating a system that easily accommodates new brews.

Each beer is brought to life telling a unique flavor story. For Muir Woods IPA, we expressed notes of citrus and pinecone. For Galaxy Dust IPA, the flavor depicted is otherworldly, inspired by the galaxy hops and peach notes used in the recipe.

A strong toolkit of logo and graphic assets allows Barebottle to create a memorable brand experience across many touch points without feeling repetitive.

In 1855, author Hinton R. Helper wrote, "California can and does furnish the very best bad things obtainable in America." An intentional departure from the core line, we evolved the architecture to create a super premium design for VBBT that uses uncoated textured paper, copper foil, and illustration to set it apart from the rest.