Black Chalk

How do you personify a smooth, quality Hampshire Rosé?

Our Challenge

An opportunity arose to expand the Black Chalk portfolio and launch the first varietal for their new still-wine range. Our challenge was to design a storytelling-led label that celebrates the characteristics of the grapes in a premium, uniquely Black Chalk way.

What We Did

  • Packaging

Existing sparkling range

Maintaining on-shelf appeal and brand recognition was key, while ensuring strong range differentiation between the existing sparkling wines and the new still wines.

It was necessary for the new label to have a crafted feel and fully embrace the unique history and narrative of the Black Chalk brand. With the aim of creating a striking and abstract graphic style, we developed a diverse collection of charcoal markings and textures that were carefully selected to add depth and movement to what would become our dramatic, yet delicately-crafted, custom dancer illustration.

A diverse collection of charcoal textures were created to help add depth and movement to the custom dancer illustration.