How do you capture the essence of a story in a logo?

Our Challenge

The skill of custom lettering is engrained into the fabric of our studio and the tradition of creating iconic logos for TV and Film continues to this day. Our clients have challenged us for decades to create memorable titles that capture the feeling and the story in just one image. Here is a collection of some of our favorite from just the last decade.

What We Did

  • Logo Design / Title Treatment
  • Icon Design
  • Custom Fonts
  • Key Art
  • Merch/Swag Design
  • Media Kits


The story masterfully captures the tension between idyllic peace and fierce revenge, betrayal, & redemption. In creating the logo and custom font for Disney's Maleficent, Chase sought to capture that dichotomy with letterforms that feel dangerous and dark while still being elegant and magical. Iconic shapes are inspired by the curves and the points of Maleficent's costume.

The Flash

An iconic DC Comics character with the power to move at lightning speeds, The Flash tells the story of Barry Allen, a young crime-scene investigator who uses his power to protect the city from evil. In creating the logo and iconography for The Flash, Chase captures the essence of speed, technology, & strength. The lightning bolt icon becomes a recognizable element that is used in his uniform and across all media and advertising.

Katy Keene

A young and ambitious fashion designer living in NYC, Katy Keene is a vibrant personality known for her colorful outfits, talent, hard work, & dreams of making it big along side her friends. The fashion-magazine inspired custom letterforms and filigree capture the vibe of creativity in fashion with a whimsical elegance.


Jane Villanueva is a young Latina woman who has vowed to save herself for marriage but is accidentally artificially inseminated during a routine gynecological checkup. As a result, Jane becomes pregnant and must navigate the unexpected twists and turns of motherhood, all while balancing her relationships, career, & personal aspirations. The logo captures the essence of this light-hearted, Spanish-telenovela inspired drama by combining classic romance themes with a contemporary flare.


The original African-American electric super hero story, Black Lightning follows the life of Jefferson Pierce, an inner-city high school principal and parent who is pulled back into the fight when his students, community,& family are threatened by fierce gangs. The show addresses issues of race, identity, & social justice. Chase visualizes this dangerous fight in the logo through custom, tattered and bold letterforms that cleverly connect to form the recognizable and memorable lightning bolt.


Horror, romance, action, & drama—The Vampire Diaries has it all. Equal parts dangerous, sexy, & scary, our logo design is intentionally thin and clean. The emphasis on the sharp V accented with crimson-red filagree and droplet instantly convey the vampire theme. This V has become iconic over the years and recognizable by the show's cult following everywhere. Building on the show's huge and longtime success, we designed spinoff show logos, clothing, media kits, poster key art, & swag.


A spin-off of the shows Arrow and The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow follows a team of superheroes who travel through time to prevent catastrophic events from altering history. Led by the enigmatic time-traveler Rip Hunter, the team includes iconic characters from the DC Comics universe, including White Canary, Atom, Heatwave, & others. Themes of strength, power, & time travel are conveyed in the logo through the forward movement and varying angles that pull in different directions. An icon system was created to represent the many unique characters in this show.


Inspired by the original letterforms created by our founder, Margo Chase, the CW Network tasked us with bringing new life for the reboot of Charmed. The story follows 3 sisters who discover they are powerful witches, known as the Charmed Ones, destined to fight against evil forces and protect the innocent. Our logo for the show Charmed captures themes of sisterhood, female empowerment, & the supernatural.

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