How do you reinvent a classic brand from “ä to zs”?

Our Challenge

We were tasked with re-imagining this classic to create an artful, pure, and playful experience–making luxurious ice cream accessible everywhere customers experienced the brand.

What We Did

  • Package Design
  • Retail Space Design
  • Signage & Wayfinding
  • Custom Art & Sculptures

Packaging Design

The brand’s core equities were evaluated—logo, tapestry, flavor visuals, typography, & colors—every element on pack was lovingly crafted. We wanted to celebrate each flavor’s uniqueness by injecting color, custom patterns, movement, & playfulness. The result is a beautiful, attention-grabbing design with an approachable new take on luxury. The new system celebrates each flavor as a work of art.

A toolkit was built to showcase how the custom fonts, universal tapestry, & ownable photography style can be expanded into an entire world of decadent delight.

"Collaboration and fast decision-making were important contributors to making the transformation possible—from strong creative leadership at Chase, great work sessions, clear and open discussions, & fun."

Rachel Jaivan
Marketing Director, Häagen-Dazs


We designed an impactful line of limited-edition desserts with Häagen-Dazs that celebrate unique street-food treats. New pack architecture and bold typography are supported by vibrant background illustrations that were created by New York based artist Jade Purple Brown.

Finalized packaging was the jumping off point for a comprehensive media strategy that spanned across social media, ice cream shops, & even inspired a pop-up bodega in Brooklyn, NY designed by Cartwright.

Ice Cream Shops

The luxuriously playful world of Häagen-Dazs expanded beyond the shelves. Every aspect of the classic scoop shops was considered—from menus and uniforms to light fixtures, & wall murals. The result is a delightful ice cream experience flowing with personality that can be easily adapted to fit any shop nationwide—from mall kiosks to stand-alone scoop shops.

Eye-catching details on everything—uniforms, packaging, signage, & more.