Holiday Gifts

How do you make the holidays even brighter?

Our Challenge

At the end of every year a special treat arrives on desks all around the globe. It might be a roll of fastidiously festive wrapping paper, twelve sumptuously designed chocolates or maybe even a little something to take the holiday edge off. Gift giving is our way of saying thank you to the people who make our work possible—our clients.

Gift Wrap 2022

These festive floral papers were designed to help wrap up 2022 and celebrate the flourishing of new creative ideas in 2023.


As our founder Margo Chase once said “doodling is often the first step to a great idea.”

Gift Wrap 2017

We were able to shake up tradition with our “Merry & Bright” wrapping paper.

Valentines 2019

This limited-edition collection of ten coasters explores some of the more curious and arcane aspects of typography and graphic design. Each coaster brings to life uncommon knowledge of its subject in hand-drawn illustration and typography.

Chocolates 2013

“12 Days of Chocolate” is a delicious riff on a familiar carol that gave us the opportunity to showcase our skills in package design and custom typography, while letting our humor and personality shine through.